06.9.1: CNHUPO 4th Annual Conference.
   06.1.12: Manuscript about new two-Phase partition Method into proteomics research has been acceptted by JPR.
   05.8.28: The 4th HUPO congress has opened in Germary.
 05.6.24:Manuscript about DEPD database has been acceptted by bioinformatics.

   05.8.28: The 4th HUPO Congress has opened in Germary.
 05.6.24:Manuscript about DEPD database has been acceptted by bioinformatics.

DengPan bridge and Lab's building
Photo by Pro. SongPing Liang

LuShan Road 14#
ChangSha 410081
Hunan China P.R.


The Laboratory of Protein Chemistry & Proteomics at Hunan Normal University focuses on systematic and thorough research of the relationship between 3-D protein structure, dynamic and function, based on protein biochemistry and proteomics and molecular biology. We try to uncover new toxins from several spiders and provide a structural basis for designing potential human disease-related drugs and to find valuable mutants, complexes or drug candidates (leading compounds) using protein engineering, cell biology and other biological techniques.

Proteomics as a very powerful technology now provides great opportunities for biological discovering. We have built up a comprehensive proteomics work platform to explore the nature and dynamics of cell plasma membrane protein, especially those of liver and nerve cells in vertebrates.

In recent years we have published a series of papers with international impacts years base through the hard work and efforts of all the people in our lab. In 2004, our papers have increased greatly in both quantity and quality. Next year, I would expect to further increase the impact of our publications.

Professor SongPing Liang
December, 2004

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