Publication Material
Lijun zhang et al Attachment for Proteomic analysis of low abundance integral plasma membrane proteins based on gels ( CMLS-2006-0126.R1)

ChaoRui et al High-Throughput Analysis of Rat Liver Plasma Membrane Proteome by a Non-electrophoretic In-Gel Tryptic Digestion Coupled to Mass Spectrometry Identification ( CMLS-2006-0126.R1)

XuanWen Li et al: A proteomic study reveals the diversified distribution of plasma membrane-associated proteins in rat hepatocytes Table S1, S2: All the identified proteins and peptides in this study with their identification information and some annotations.

Jinjun Chen et al: Peptideomics study reveals biodiversity of cystine knot toxins from the venom of Chinese theraphosidae Chilobrachys jingzhao CMLS-2008-0135.R2
Figure S1: Amino acid sequence alignment of toxin mature peptides in the family C.

LinYing et al: Proteomics identification of differentially expressed protein associated with abnormal eye development in haploid goldfish embryos
Resource: Download

LinYing et al: Proteome analysis of a single zebrafish embryo using three different digestion strategies coupled with LC-MS/MS
Supplemental: Download
Raw mass spectral data: Download

Quanze He et al: Other
Supplemental: Download
Raw mass spectral data: Download

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