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Type Depressant neurotoxin Excitatory neurotoxin Postsynaptic neurotoxin Presynaptic neurotoxin

Ion channel (Target)

Voltage-gated calcium channel (TX:0000133)

HVG calcium channel (TX:0000050)
T-type voltage-gated calcium channel (TX:0000148)
RIR-Ca channel (TX:0000067)

Voltage-gated potassium channel (TX:0000131) Subfamily H Kv channel (TX:0000136)
Shab Kv channel (TX:0000385)
Shaker Kv channel (TX:0000151)
KQT Kv channel (TX:0000410)
Shal Kv channel (TX:0000139)
Shaw Kv channel (TX:0000387)
Voltage-gated sodium channel (TX:0000132)

Tetrodotoxin resistant voltage gated sodium channel (TX:0000135)
Tetrodotoxin sensitive voltage gated sodium channel (TX:0000134)

Ca2+-activated potassium channel (TX:0000701)

Large conductance Ca2+-activated potassium channels (TX:0000272)
Small conductance Ca2+-activated potassium channels (TX:0000531)

Nucleotide sensitive chloride (TX:0000539) -
Mechanosensitive ion channel (TX:0000507) Mechanosensitive calcium channel(TX:0000509)
Mechanosensitive potassium channel (TX:0000510)
Mechanosensitive sodium channel (TX:0000508)
Glutamate-gated ion channel (TX:0000074) ATP-gated cation channel (TX:0000071 Ca2+ release activated channel (TX:0000127 Nucletide-senstive anion-selective channel (TX:0000123
Pathogenesis Cytolysis (TX:0000471) Muscle necrosis (TX:0000705) Membrane destruction (TX:0000379) Pore conformation (TX:0000378)
Symptom Necrosis (TX:0000639) Dermonecrosis (TX:0000727) Hemolysis (TX:0000502)  


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