Interaction between toxin and ion channel
      An important update in ATDB 2.0 is construction toxins interaction network with ion channels. Firstly, we collected 5096 ion channel sequences form Swissprot/Trembl database and NCBI database. Secondly, a new hierarchical terms system (Ion Channel Ontology) was building for ion channel categorization and annotation. Last, to combine interaction data based on annotation of toxins and ion channels which come from references, known annotations and molecular descriptions which come from Swissprot/Trembl. Figure 1 is a landscape to showing the interaction between toxin and ion channel in species classification view. (eg. Mouse,Rat,Drosophila,Labroidei)
Human Rat Mouse  
Figure 2:Statistic matrix of interactions between toxins from six animal categories and major type channels. For each unit, the number in left bottom corner indicates the number of channels affected by toxins and the right top number of cell shows how many toxins can affect these ion channels (eg. the first cell indicates 124 Na channels are affected by 34 Cone toxins)

Figure 3:
It is to shows toxin, which can affect ion channel, distributing in species spaces (eg: Snake, Scorpion, Cone, Spider, Sea anemone)

Figure 1

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