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ATDB 2.5 updated (2010.10.5)
We have updated the toxin sequence and classifed them into Toxin ontology. The interaction of them with ion channel also updated.

ATDB 2.0 updated (2009.7.30)
We have updated search engine, download web page and repaired some bugs. Jmol plugs has been used to show 3D structure information.

ATDB 2.0 release (2009.2.25)
ATDB 2.0 has been constructed by a toxin ligand database which included by 5097 ion channel sequences. In which, more than 1000 sequences of ion channel have been annotated manually and 10956 ion channel ontology terms have been created. More than 3000 interaction network maps have been drawn.


Welcome to Animal Toxin Database 2.0 (ATDB2.0)

   Animal toxins, as arsenal of venomous animals, are products of natural selection in millions of years and have been proved to be valuable tools in both basic and clinical researches. ATDB is the most comprehensive repository of animal toxins in the world. Now, ATDB 2.0 is published. It mainly focuses on construct a globe-scale animal toxin-channel interaction network based on literatures and database annotations. For that purpose, we integrated an ion channel database into ATDB 2.0, in which most ion channel sequences were categorized and annotated with a hierarchic controlled term system (Ion Channel Ontology). More than 55,022 possible T-C interactions were extracted by text mining which link the toxin and ion channel database. These interaction data was classified carefully based on evidence type, in which 9,193 high confidence interactions were annotated in active site level. A web-based T-C interaction network view was build to visualize and make data access easy. The new features and updates of ATDB 2.0 are summarized as follows:

1. A new interaction dataset including 55,022 toxin-channel interactions
2. A new ion channel database (5,097 entries)
3. A new Ontology for ion channel classification (Ion Channel Ontology)
4. 3000 maps for toxins and ion channels interaction
5. More than 600 new toxin entries
6. PDB view to visualize 3-D structure of molecule
7. More flexible option for data downloads.

The last version of ATDB is 2.5 which contain published toxin sequences from 2009 to 2014. Now, 9114 toxin sequences from 754 species have been included and annotated by TO (Toxin ontology) based on homologous sequence.

  The cite information about ATDB is as follows:
He, Q.Y., He, Q.Z., Deng, X.C., Yao, L., Meng, E., Liu, Z.H. and Liang, S.P. (2008) ATDB: a uni-database platform for animal toxins, Nucleic Acids Res, 36, D293-297.

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